Health and Safety Legislation introduced in 2002 requires employees working at height to be trained in the inspection and correct use of their fall arrest equipment. This includes cable systems, ropes, rope grabs, anti pendulum points harnesses and lanyards. Read HSE INDG367

We offer a service to train (free of charge) up to three persons on the day of an annual inspection / test, helping keep your costs of maintenance and training to a minimum. If you require training on a separate occasion to your test date, or you have a large number of people to be trained, this can also be arranged. Contact us

Fall Arrest Safety Training

Fall Arrest Safety Training

It is important that all fall arrest & safety systems are used correctly. To ensure this we can provide the correct training to individuals or groups in the use of cable systems, ropes, rope grabs, anti pendulum points harnesses and lanyards.

General Roof Safety Training

Height safety training for roof safety

HTSL can instruct and train your operatives how to assess and identify potential hazards and high risk situations, therefore avoiding unsafe practice when using your safety systems and equipment.

HTSL have vast experience of all types of cable systems. Our highly trained operatives will survey, test and certify your system to BS EN795, ensuring the system functions safely and meets Health & Safety requirements. We provide written reports, certificates, advice and training.

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Highwire Testing Services also offer a full survey and re-certification service, which includes any adjustments, torquing of fixings and line tensioning. More details...

  • We provide annual testing for all types of fall arrest and fall protection systems - such as cable systems, handrails, eyebolts, access ladders & handrails.
  • The cost for the re-test and certification depends on what systems you have, quantity, access to the roof etc. Contact us for a competitive quotation.
  • We submit reports per system following each site visit. We also test and tag PPE (safety equipment such as harnesses, lanyards etc)
  • Certificates are issued for the following twelve months. We contact you personally in time for your next re-test date
  • On the day of the re-test, we can also train 3 staff members or maintenance people to use the systems at no further cost. Just let us know in advance of the re-test.
  • We also install access ladders, ladder tracks, and hand railing walkways.